Streets of New Capenna: "Commander Decks"

Streets of New Capenna: "Commander Decks"

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BATTLE YOUR FRIENDS. Commander is a different way to play Magic: The Gathering. It's all about legendary creatures, big plays, and battling your friends in epic multiplayer games.

100-CARD READY-TO-PLAY DECKS. Designed as an introduction to Commander, Streets of New Capenna Commander Decks are ready-to-play right out of the box, without sacrificing the depth that made Magic iconic.

THREE CARDS PRINTED FOR THE FIRST TIME. Each Streets of New Capenna Commander deck debuts three cards, plus they're loaded with reprints to kickstart your Commander experience.


Each deck contains: 

  • 1 display Commander card
  • 2 foil Legendary cards
  • 98 additional Magic: The Gathering cards
  • 10 tokens
  • 1 Life Wheel