Secret Lair: "Artist Series: Sam Burley"

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    Sam Burley has been enchanting the Magic Community ever since his incredible art was first seen in Avacyn Restored eleven years ago. And now, Secret Lair is excited release a drop of cards in the Jund color group selected by Sam himself featuring his new original art.

    This is what Sam had to say about including Braid of Fire, “I should also mention this is a card I loooove. It was at the top of my list. My default deck is mono-red, and I’m just obsessed with how weird and baffling and kind of awesome the card is. I started playing around Ice Age, so I remember both cumulative upkeep and mana burn well. And the fact that this aged in such a good way with the rule change makes it even weirder and makes me love it more. Exactly the type of old card that gives me the feel-goods in Commander.”


    • 1x Braid of Fire
    • 1x Koth of the Hammer
    • 1x Master of the Wild Hunt
    • 1x Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund

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