Secret Lair: "City Styles"

Secret Lair: "City Styles"

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Vogue. Couture. Timeless. What can one say about a drop that speaks for itself?

Using borderless, full-art cards that pull the gaze and push the envelope, artist Tsubonari adorns some of the multiverse’s most iconic names in styles anything but “plane.” Perfect for uptown, downtown, and all around town, the outfits worn by these four legends are made to slay.  

Fashion is what you collect. Style is what you play. Elegance has never been so attainable.


  • 1x Borderless Sakashima the Impostor
  • 1x Borderless Massacre Girl
  • 1x Borderless Azusa, Lost but Seeking
  • 1x Borderless Teysa Karlov
  • 1x Borderless Paradise Mantle

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